Favorite food brand

2017-09-29 17:49 #0 by: Bast

I prefer giving my cats tuna, or salmon that are eatable for humans. I always use tuna or salmon pieces in water. How ever their main food is friskies frye food for indoor cats. They only get wet food in the weekends. If I do not give them Tuna or salmon pieces in thin cans. I give them cole's seafood for cats, or coles chicken cat food, and they absolutely love it. Panthero is a bit picky compered to Taigor when food is concerned.

My friend suggested to me that Taigor probably is not that picky because he was born to a stray female cat, so he was taught to bee happy with what ever food he gets to eat. Yes Panthero who is born at a breeder is far more picky than Taigor.

What is your cat/cats favorite brand of food?

2018-02-18 14:09 #1 by: Evelina

I feed my cats royal canin. I feed them organic swedish wet food often. I also feed them tuna, other fish, egg scraps and cat sticks for treats!


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