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2017-09-29 17:34 #0 by: Bast

This is Taigor, we bought him from a pet store that are working along with the RSPCA Adoption center here where I live. We have no idea about his background other that he is born 11th March 2017, has a sister and a yellow brother, all of them tabby. He is a real affectionate male cat, that likes to stroke his head on your cheek. He also likes to stroke his nose on your cheek. He is like a miniature sized true tiger, who enjoys to sleep stretched out on the floor. He do not care about any basket. He is quite simple minded and do not need much luxury to bee happy, as long as he gets his cuddles, and his food.

2017-10-01 15:34 #1 by: Bast

Taken 22nd May 2017 Glad

2017-10-01 15:35 #2 by: Bast

Taken 4th July 2017Glad

2018-03-10 22:26 #3 by: Evelina

What a cutie! 

2018-06-02 22:10 #4 by: Tammie

He is adorable!

Happy creating!


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